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Qravers Blog

  • I Feel Another Rush Coming On! Rave inspired artwork by Will Wright

    A series of rave inspired art pieces by original rave flyer artist Will Wright is now on exhibition at The Art Hound Gallery in Cambridge.
  • Qravers Jungle Bells Rave Shopping Event

    We had a pop up record store from Container Records, live DJ set from the owner, Altar. A rave art fair with art on display and for sale from Pez London, Junior Tomlin and Ryca. Original rave flyers to purchase from Phatmedia, merch on sale from Raindance and books from Peoples Party Press, pop up shops from State of Disarray, OOTO and Crazy Cool Sexy, free food and booze, goody bags for every customer, a lazer light show and the rest, no expense was spared and every detail was meticulously planned to a tee.
  • Qravers Look Book 2019 Leaving Club Land

    that bleary eyed moment you leave the club and slowly ease yourself back in to the real world. The other people around you, having had a full nights sleep are just starting their day, they have clear, consistent goals and seem to know how to achieve them. 
  • Festival Season 2019 Qravers On The Road

    In 2019 Qravers went on the road with the aim to expand the business. The journey has been sketchy, we’ve managed to put together an account of what we can remember using receipts, photographic evidence and WhatsApp messages, the journey culminated in many lessons in how not to run a festival market stall.