About us

Qravers is a London-based clothing brand inspired by the vibrant and diverse rave culture of the UK. Our designs reflect the energy and creativity of the underground music scene, from classic rave motifs to contemporary graphic styles. We believe that rave culture is about more than just music and dancing – it’s a lifestyle that celebrates freedom, self-expression, and connection.

Our clothing is made with high-quality materials and designed to be both stylish and comfortable, perfect for raving all night long. We offer a range of products, from t-shirts and hoodies to accessories like hats and bags, all featuring our signature bold and colourful designs.

Qravers rave collection

Born out of our love for the rave scene. We started Qravers in 2018 with a simple idea - to express our passion for the culture that has given us so much. We began by printing our rave images on t-shirts and selling them to supportive, like-minded friends. The idea had been bouncing around since our earliest raving days, where we'd be handed a stack of flyers as we left the club, bleary-eyed and dazed, yet fascinated by the artwork. We'd study them when we got home, trade them with our mates, and build up a collection for our walls. 

Mr Q 

Rave culture emerged in the UK during the 90s as a response to a societal regime that excluded and divided individuals based on their appearance or behavior. It was a movement that brought together a generation and its ideals remain as powerful today as they were thirty years ago. The energy and spirit of this cultural phenomenon still resonate in many aspects of our society. At Qravers, we pay homage to the originators of rave culture and the flyers they used to spread the word. We believe that rave culture represents more than just music. It symbolizes revolution, love, dance, fashion, and freedom.