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Rave culture as we know it now was born in the UK in the 90's. It was a backlash against a regime that excluded and divided where if you didn't dress right or act in a certain way you were not allowed to be part of that society. It was inevitable that the social compass would have to spin. We are not looking back at the 90's cultural movement called Rave with a nostalgic sadness. The ideals that brought a generation together are still as powerful today as they were 30 years ago. The energy that was created then still resonates today in all aspects of our society. We pay homage to the originators of Acid House and the flyers they used to spread the word. Qravers is a modern Streetwear brand tied to the history of club culture and the notion that Rave is more than the music, it is revolution, love, dance, fashion and freedom.