Raindance Legends Of The Old Skool

 One of Britain's best known event organisers Raindance were
 the big boys of the budding rave scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many a young raver cut their teeth at a Raindance event and got their first taste of a full on festival rave experience, one where production levels were taken to new heights and the ravers experience was put centre stage.
Famed for putting on Britain's first legal all night rave which was held in a circus tent on 16th September, 1989, at Jenkins Lane, Beckton in east London, Raindance were instrumental in launching the careers of numerous DJs such as Carl Cox, LTJ Bukem, Mr C, DJ Rap, John Digweed, Slipmat, Fabio and Grooverider giving them their first gigs and big breaks in the scene. Raindance continued holding large-scale events across the UK and Europe with venues typically hosting up to 10,000 revellers. By 1993, with pressure from the authorities with the newly passed Criminal Justice Act, Raindance took a break from holding regular mass events until 1999 when they started hosting raves at The Drome, an unused car park underneath London Bridge They would get regular attendances of over 2,000 people at this venue as well as Bagley's in Kings Cross 
Raindance continues to put parties on all over the UK including a huge VIP area rave at Tranzmission festival in Crystal Palace which is where Qravers first got wrapped up with them when we we're approached by the Raindance crew who liked the look of our stall and rave gear we were selling and were looking for someone to manufacture and provide merch for their upcoming 30th birthday party at Heaven. Having attended numerous Raindance events in our early raving days mainly at Bagley's Kings Cross it was a bit of a surreal situation to then be working with them but one that was very much appreciated.
With bomber jackets, tees, hats, socks and all manner of exclusive rave accessories in the works Qravers is a proud supplier of Raindance rave wear and can be found trading events hosted by the pioneering rave promoters all over London as well as holding a range of Raindance gear in our concession  shop in ATIKA London, you can also shop the full Raindance collection here which we will continue to update with our exclusive designs and new products.
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