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To celebrate the release of our Jamcee P.L.U.R pin badge packs we caught up with our longstanding collaborator Jonny Martin to discuss his artwork and give you a little insight into our design process and how we produce our products.
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We first started working with Jamcee in 2019 using his iconic artwork on a range of products and adapting a series of his images into smaller designs we could use for printing badges. he is responsible for some of the most stand out original 90s rave flyer designs, his imagery is instantly recognisable and works really well printed in multiple ways he was kind enough to let us colorize his work so we could match it to different products as well. Our Jamcee range is a firm favourite with a lot of our customers and we are often asked to use the designs  on custom orders, it's also a great talking point at festivals and markets with people really resonating with and recognising the artwork. We've even met a few of his fans who were at the original raves and it's been great to hear those stories as well. 
We are huge fans of Jamcee's artwork and it's great to see how much recognition he is getting now we are privileged to know him and to be able to work with a genuine legend of the rave scene. if you dont already give him a follow on socials now @
For someone whose artwork is so unique and  personal we realised that you  might not know a lot about the person behind the art so here's a bit about Jamcee in his own words. and if you don't already you should give him a follow 
"I was born in 1972 and grew up in the 80s
I was a massive fan of comics and cartoons during this era and started drawing and copying the characters I loved
In the mid 80s Hiphop was the latest thing and I just loved the art and music
My work started to evolve during this time and I started to develop my own style
After I left school in 1988 I discovered Acid House and started going to party's in and around London and was blown away by the energy music and fashion
I used to come back from raves and sometimes I wasn't tired(lol) so I would sit and draw until I was!
It was during this time my work really started changing and was heavily influenced by my passion for the freedom and expression of the party's I was going to.
In the early 90s raves started happening all over the country on a massive scale and I realised this was a massive explosion of youth culture like this country had never seen before
We started travelling all over the country to attend but one of our favourite venues was the eclipse in Coventry This was when after a great night there I got back and drew the Now Iconic Eclipse Flyer in one take and still pretty 'awake'
(images courtesy of @rave_a2z
I sent it off on the Monday and the owner called me up and said they wanted to use it!!
I was elated and it spurred me on to keep going with my art
Consequently I ended up working with numerous promoters and venues creating flyers, t shirts, backdrops etc
Moving forward 30 years! I realised there was still massive interest in the era and movement and it reignited my passion
I decided to get the pens out again and get back on it
I have been amazed with the response and that I am now classed as a leader in this field
Rave Art
My work really resonates with people as its so authentic and I have been quite successful
The last year it has really blown up and has enabled me to become a full time artist designing t shirts and paintings
I even got invited back to Coventry by Coventry City Of Culture to put up a mural!

It's been pretty hectic but I've loved every minute
In true Raver spirit never give up on your dreams and passions it will happen!
What a ride!
One love
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