In Search Of The Qravers Man

Allow us to re-introduce you to our mascot the front man of our brand
The Qravers Man

Back in 2019 we teamed up with our longstanding collaborator Defaced Designs to develop our Qravers character, taking influence from those iconic 90s rave brands like Spliffy, trip to eclipse, Dready and Pez Man. Art work that adorned our walls and we wore while growing up. Like them, he too is a relic of the 90's rave scene, having earned his stripes on the dirty dance floors of numerous clubs, in the squalor of a thousand squat raves and in many a muddy, festival field all over the world. He is a part of everyone we have worked with to build this brand and he belongs to everyone who wears our clothing.

We wanted to create something to help bring Qravers to life, something that could embody what rave means to us and what we stand for and his simple grinning little face has done just that with multiple incarnations already of his image being embroidered and printed, turned into patches and pins, stamped and stuck on lampposts, mobile phones and toilet cubicles far and wide.

We got big plans for the little man and you will be sure to see him in many different designs in the future and with every product we make he becomes a little bit more real, a little more alive and in his own right synonymous with Qravers. 


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