Junior Tomlin and Qravers

Junior Tomlin is a British graphic artist who gained fame in the 1990s rave scene. 
Tomlin gained popularity for his bold, psychedelic designs for rave flyers. His designs featured surreal, futuristic landscapes populated by aliens, robots, and otherworldly creatures. His use of bright, neon colours and intricate patterns perfectly captured the spirit of the rave scene, becoming iconic symbols of the era. His art was featured in magazines album covers, rave flyers and exhibitions capturing the spirit of the rave scene and helping to define its aesthetic. The psychedelic visuals of his designs mirrored the trippy, euphoric atmosphere of a rave, while the futuristic imagery spoke to the forward-thinking, experimental nature of electronic music. His art became a symbol of the subculture, and his flyers helped to define the visual language of electronic music. His influence can still be seen in the design of clubs, festivals, and events today.
Tomlin's legacy as one of the most iconic artists of the era is secure, as his work remains a testament to the power of art to capture the energy and spirit of a cultural moment and inspire future generations of artists to do the same.
We first met Junior in 2018 whilst working on Portobello Road where we sold our first range of T-shirts and bags, we went on to collaborate on a number of projects from designing our own rave flyer images to the actual QRAVERS logo and more recently working together to produce the capsule
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