I Feel Another Rush Coming On! Rave inspired artwork by Will Wright

A series of rave inspired art pieces by original rave flyer artist Will Wright is now on exhibition at The Art Hound Gallery in Cambridge.
The YOUR LOVE series evolved from his repainting of a classic Rush flyer originally designed for the club night in 1991.
This one-off painting was a reworking of his original 1991 flyer design for the Rush event, by North Sea Promotions at Oscar’s nightclub on Clacton Pier, Essex.

Spurred on by this project Will developed the YOUR LOVE series of art pieces featuring hidden messages that are revealed in the changing light promoting Positivity and Healing. All hand drawn, hand stencilled and hand painted. the collection is currently exhibited at Art Hound Gallery  and available online.

According to Will's Website "The designs themselves evoke the 1980s emerging futurist dance music aesthetic seen in the early flyers of the day. The planets are made using spray paint art techniques that mix with the draftsmanship of the grid/checkers. The Fibonacci sequence is used on the horizontal lines to create and optical illusion and draw your eye. Whilst the hidden message acts a subliminal prompt, aiding positivity and mental health."
No two paintings are the same, making each one unique.

Will Wright artist (circa 1975)

Will Wright is a contemporary British artist, filmmaker and activist.Growing up amongst his father's print business, ink was in the blood from a very early age: experimenting with letraset, markers and ink (and the occasional heavy machine gun) as a child.

His artwork incorporates symbolism derived from ancient spirituality, Northern European folklore and mythology within a distinctly urban context.


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