Introducing Qravers x Sunchome: A Fusion of Rave Culture and Japanese Art


In order to showcase our latest collaboration with the incredibly talented Japanese artist, SunChome we have taken the oportunity to do a retrospective of our long running partnership. 
With her unique retro-inspired style, SunChome brings a fresh perspective to the world of rave fashion, blending elements of 90s nostalgia with futuristic flair, her artwork is a unique fusion of vibrant colours, bold characters and intricate detail, all hand-drawn and then transformed into digital artwork with meticulous care . Her illustrations transport us to a world where the energy of the rave meets the imaginative imagery of manga style. For this collaboration we worked closely with SunChome to translate her captivating artwork into a new collection of clothing and accessories. Drawing inspiration from the concept of Planet Rave we have created designs that blend UK rave culture with Japanese aesthetics, imagining a new history of rave that transcends time and location.
Among the standout pieces in the collection are our Raver World design featuring SunChome's take on the original blue Super Sonic raver,  and our Planet Rave Girl featuring SunChome's signature character style getting ready a collection of accessories to prepare for a big night out, and our Weed Got What Need featuring your best bud from outta space.
Each design is a testament to the collaborative process as we embark on this exciting journey with SunChome, celebrating the intersection of rave culture and manga artistry. Stay tuned for a lot more and updates on the release of the Qravers x Sunchome
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