Qravers Look Book 2019 Leaving Club Land

Qravers Look Book 2019 Leaving Club Land

The Qravers look book is here and it's got 6 in da bloodclart morning vibes! The original concept was to do a kind of story board of a big night out with friends. 
Starting with that bleary eyed moment you leave the club and slowly ease yourself back in to the real world. The commuters around you have had a full nights sleep and are just starting their day, they have clear, consistent goals and seem to know how to achieve them.
This is usually the time when the night as a whole is cemented in memory, as you all try to recall  the intense journey you've just shared and piece together who did what, what tunes got played and where you're going next while sharing a cigarette and trying to get a spliff together as a can of luke warm beer gets passed around. We worked with some amazingly talented people to put this shoot together, the styling was done by Olivia Snape who went above and beyond to ensure the shoot went to her plan and vision.  We wanted to show our products in a totally different light by using a mix of high end vintage Designer pieces, street wear and accessories as well as items from her own collection, Olivia sourced clothes from some of biggest vintage stores in East London including ATIKA London, Cream Brick Lane and Vikoko. The photography is by Sian Herbert who is an old friend from our festival crew. She basically gets paid these days to go to festivals with an all access VIP pass and take photos of famous musicians. We were lucky enough to nab her in between gigs for this shoot and she went well out of her way to make it happen even finding the great location in a dilapidated building in Bethnal Green. Her photography style is totally unique and has a really strong focus on the subject which enhance the styling and models to another level. Budgeting restriction and weather conditions held us back and our van broke down and had to be towed away just as we started shooting all making a memorable night.




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